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is to develop, manufacture and place on market innovative and high quality medical devices that help treat patients’ wounds and improve their overall state of health.

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Who we are and what we are doing 

We are Grade Medical, a leading Czech manufacturer of innovative medical devices for wound treatment. We focus on manufacturing products with high added value, and so we continuously invest into improving our own research and development capacities and into modern, intelligent manufacturing lines.

The StopBac dressing range is one of our key products. Thanks to a unique manufacturing process and the application of nanotechnology based around silver cations, it provides an exceptionally strong antimicrobial effect and consequent excellent wound care results.

Our competitive advantage is the continual enhancement of our unique know-how, expanded through innovation and cooperation with other entities. Our top-class employees, motivated to contribute towards improving the quality of medical materials on the market, are another huge asset.


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For healthcare professionals

The main activity of our company, Grade Medical, is the manufacture of quality medical materials for wound care and their supply to healthcare facilities to be used by physicians and nurses.

We can provide you with supplies of our products and the related services. The high quality of our products, our individual and flexible approach, the option of training for healthcare staff and the reliability of our supplies are of key importance for us, as is the establishment of long-term partner relationships. We consider it our mission and moral obligation to manufacture the highest quality products that both improve and streamline wound care for patients and that are also, in terms of handling and characteristics, the most suitable for you, healthcare professionals.

You can find the portfolio of products designed for healthcare facilities here. Our key range is the StopBac STERILE wound dressings, which contain both preventive adhesive bandages for post-operative wounds, and compresses for the care of chronic wounds. Thanks to its long-lasting antimicrobial effect, StopBac prevents infections and thus represents an ideal preventive barrier-type protection against wound contamination. It concurrently alleviates already existing infection-based complications, meaning it provides an effective treatment method, which is of more help to the patient, contributes towards faster and more effective wound healing, and reduces costs for healthcare facilities.

If you would like more information about our medical materials and the services we offer for healthcare professionals, if you would like us to send you some product samples for testing or simply want to make an order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.

Wound Dressings

The StopBac STERILE range is a modern, antibacterial dressing designed for wound care. Thanks to our unique manufacturing process and the use of our own nanotechnology based around silver cations, it provides an exceptionally powerful antimicrobial effect preventing wound contamination and reducing infection-related complications. This technology means that StopBac forms an ideal preventive barrier-type protection for wounds against complications during the healing process.

StopBac thus brings a new, appropriate alternative to the field of wound care as, unlike simple dressings, it is a more cost-effective treatment method and provides a long-term antimicrobial effect, yet remains very affordable.


  • an ideal dressing for preventing complications during wound care
  • suitable for both acute and post-operative wounds
  • reduces the risk of infection and prevents infection-related complications during wound care


  • provides the same preventive protection as the standard version
  • waterproof version – allows the patient to perform personal hygiene while keeping the wound covered
  • the adhesive zone is transparent and allows visual checks of the wound area


  • suitable for caring for chronic wounds
  • for wounds with infection potential and for already infected wounds
  • provides a long-term and uniform antimicrobial effect
  • a suitable alternative to wet dressings with silver


  • for catheters, cannulas, drains
  • prevention against pathogens
  • effective even in the presence of blood
  • against contamination and redness
  • also available in a waterproof version


  • for the treatment of chronic wounds
  • fibrous textile material of modified cellulose
  • acidic pH in contact with the wound
  • for wound care requiring higher absorption capacity


StopBac Pharma is antibacterial care bandages with silver developed for the treatment of minor wounds as well as deeper and poorly healing wounds. They are a suitable product for patients who do not need to see a physician and who want to treat a minor problem themselves



At Grade Medical, we are equipped with modern, intelligent machines. Of the larger machines, we can name for example our own modular line for substrate modification with an active agent and the bandage manufacturing line. We have designed the majority of the machines ourselves, and develop them to ensure they exactly meet our needs. It is precisely our sophisticated equipment that is the foundation stone of the quality of our products.

We also have our own laboratory for our research and development.

Our services - modification of textile materials

We offer the modification of textiles and films for our partners and new customers through the deposition of layers using dipping, spray atomisation and electrostatic spinning.

Our technology permits the continuous modification of substrates manufactured from a wide spectrum of materials – both woven and nonwoven (airlaid, spundbond, meltblown), derivatives of cellulose, polylactic acid, polyesters, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamides, foils (e.g. PLA and PVA foils), perforated foils, foam materials and other materials commonly used in the textile industry with a special focus on healthcare.

The modification can be performed using a variety of materials. This means in particular modification using aqueous and non-aqueous solutions through both fluar (dipping) and rolling technologies.

The manufacturing process concept is modular and permits the variable layout of machines to achieve the exact modification strategies our customers want.

Modification using spray atomisation:

We offer modification employing the most mature technology with a piezoelectrically regulated spray nozzle enabling effective deposition as well as minimising polymer quantities needed. The system is capable of applying aqueous and non-aqueous solutions, including polymer systems, and enables effective and rapid textile modification.

Modification using electrostatic spinning:

The equipment uses a pair of electrodes. During the spinning process, a fibre network is created with an average of up to hundreds of nanometres depending on polymer type and characteristics. This method also enables the deposition of thin polymer layers and the formation of particles in the electrohydrodynamic atomisation mode.

StopBac and StopBac Nano textiles with antimicrobial finish

As we have been involved in the research and development of nanotechnologies and antimicrobial sol-gels for a long time, we have used our existing know-how and development and production capacities to help as much as possible to combat the current coronavirus.

The results of our work is a newly developed StopBac fabric containing antimicrobial treatment.

We are able to offer two types of textile – StopBac and StopBac Nano.

The StopBac textile is a meltblown type fabric. Its particles capture efficiency is tested by an independent accredited testing laboratory according to the regulation ČSN EN 149+A1 with the result efficiency 97 % in average.

In addition, the textile is modified with nanolayers of StopBac solution containing silver nanoparticles by using the technology of spray atomization. The silver nanoparticles have got an antimicrobial effect and the StopBac solution itself is tested by an independent accredited testing laboratory for activity against bacteria at 99.99 %.

The modified StopBac fabric therefore not only achieves high filtration efficiency, but by means of antimicrobial additives also preventively contributes to the protection against infectious diseases and overall to improvement of the hygienic environment.

Besides the 1. generation we have developed also the 2. generation called StopBac Nano, which contains nano fibers from one side of the textile. StopBac Nano is composed from: nano fibers – meltblown – modification by sol with silver nanoparticles. It provides even better filtration capabilities.

We are also prepared to provide the final cutted filters from both of these textiles in sizes 10 x 15 cm or circle design with diameter of 8 cm.

If you are interested in ordering the fabric or you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact our management.

Research and development

Our own research and development – appropriately supplemented through the purchase of licences, respectively the commercialisation of the innovative technical solutions of our partners – is the pillar of our innovation process.

Our innovation activities proceed in parallel with our manufacturing activity with the goals of maintaining a consistently innovative environment, and ensuring high quality manufacturing and the competitiveness of new products. The goal of the development activities is always the practical application of the results, meaning in manufacturing.

At Grade Medical, we also focus on the continuous innovation of our existing products and on expanding their application. Here, communication with customers and flexible adaptation to their requirements is always crucial. The general goal is therefore maintaining a high quality standard and the continued reinforcing of our customers’ trust.

Other important factors include our exceptionally good relations and long-term cooperation with a whole range of leading Czech research and clinical workplaces and institutes, in particular in nanotechnology and medical materials. Our main partners include the Technical University of Liberec.

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We are involved in humanitarian assistance in endangered localities.

In August 2020, we participated in humanitarian aid after the explosion in the capital Beirut.

Humanitarian aid Lebanon

Traditionally, we cooperate on humanitarian aid and with foundations, here for exaplme with ADRA.


Grade Medical s.r.o.

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Reporting undesired side effects from StopBac: hlaseni@stopbac.cz